Lifestyle Health Agenda

MDJunior's roadmap for bridging the health gap and creating sustainable change holistically
The Why

Our Guiding Framework

MDJunior's Lifestyle Health Agenda serves as our compass for understanding, enhancing, and championing holistic well-being. This model expands beyond traditional health paradigms by recognizing the intricate interplay of physical, mental, and emotional health. At its core, it inspires individuals to take control of their health by concentrating on three primary components: the North Star, the Levers of Holistic Lifestyle, and the Determinants of Health.

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Our North Star

Empower individuals to take charge of and holistically impact
lifestyle health outcomes for themselves and others in a population of 10K students and 100K beneficiaries

Lifestyle Health levers

Mental, Social, & Emotional Health
Nutrition & Fitness
Physical Health
Behavioral Health
Sanitation & Hygiene
Reproductive Health
Our Understanding for  Holistic Wellbeing
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The Levers of Holistic Lifestyle serve as the foundational pillars of a healthy life, irrespective of one's unique circumstances.

MDJunior firmly believes that achieving these fundamental aspects of well-being is both attainable and a fundamental human right.

These levers create the groundwork for a Holistic Health Approach.

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Key Social, political, and economic factors
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Underlying the disparities in public health are a range of personal and community circumstances that shape our landscape of health and wellness.

We've structured our set of Determinants of Health to help acknowledge and address the systemic issues, stigmas, blockers that impact the ability for an individual to live a healthy lifestyle in our communities.

It is critical for change-makers like us to understand the intersections between determinants of health and levers for holistic lifestyle that prevent one’s ability to achieve a healthy lifestyle.

Determinants of health

Socioeconomic Status
Race & Ethnicity
Gender & Sexuality
Environment & Climate
Education & Literacy
Healthcare Access
Genetics & Family History