Help lead our movement!

Our university students lead our social enterprise in applying public health practices to drive impact.
We have over 10 years of experience building movements.
Help Lead Our Movement - MDJunior
We believe in the power of youth.

We believe that pairing college leaders with high schoolers can activate youth voice in ways that build meaningful communities of youth and health leaders, while catalyzing a larger community movement to make a difference. It works. We've seen it.

You are uniquely positioned to make a difference.

College hubs sit at the apex of  community resources necessary to drive impact. By connecting health professionals and community leaders readily available at your university with your network of chapters, you can truly be social entrepreneurs in your community.

Drive Impact Today

Public health and pre-medical students often don't have the chance to apply what they're learning until they reach much farther in their careers. That's not how we think at MDJunior. We want you to take your learnings around community health issues and leverage social mechanics & our network to make a difference in your community.

Help Lead Our Movement - MDJunior
Leverage Over 10 years experience

We've been doing this for over a decade now, and we've learning a thing or two on how to best lead a movement. Leverage our library of resources.

Help Lead Our Movement - MDJunior
Get Support from National

You'll be provided support in the form of academic, operational, and marketing materials from our national team.

Help Lead Our Movement - MDJunior
Tailor your Community Movement

You get to drive your hub the way you and your team believes is best, and choose the issues that matter most to your community.