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We launched our base of operations India in the last few years and will be scaling - focused on sustainable development and public health practices to improve population-level outcomes for the underserved of India.
Sustainable Dev.
We're developing our position on the long-term needs of the Indian community, and crafting our sustainable development approach for the future, today. We've partnered with non-governmental organizations and local hospitals to tailor our approach to the local communities we partner with.
Medical Brigades
We've leveraged our medical brigade approach to serve the rural Indian community. By working with hospitals in "Tier-2" cities of India, we are able to bring much-needed medical care to rural provinces that otherwise do not readily have access to healthcare. We plan to grow our presence in the coming years.
Public Health Projects
We serve the needs of the rural Indian community by focusing on preventative measures addressing infectious diseases common to rural Indian villages. Our global health experts are diving into the medical indicators for preventable illnesses in the communities we are working with, and developing novel ways to address them.

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Moving the needle on health outcomes

We advance key community health indicators

MDJunior believes that India is at a pivotal moment in its history where social, political, and economic tailwinds are presenting a unique opportunity to advance health outcomes for the country's most vulnerable. Our movement will leverage this groundswell to serve the underserved in urban and rural settings, focusing on sustainable development priorities and global health best practices.

National Agenda
MDJunior's Twelve Priorities for Sustainable Development
Global Medical Mentor Mission
MDJunior's Global Health Practice
Global Youth Health Summit
MDJunior's Converence and Hackathon
Building the #YouthInHealth network

Our Youth & Doctor network span major cities across India

The MDJunior movement launched in India in 2019 and we have worked steadily to build our presence of passionate youth, medical professionals, policymakers, and servant leaders. Our presence focuses in tapping into resources in Tier 1 cities to uplift the human condition and bridge the health gap that exists in Tier 2 and 3 cities.

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