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Our #youthinhealth are empowered leaders ready to make a difference in healthcare today.
Discover what it takes to be an MDJunior leader.
Feel motivated to make an impact? Passionate about doing work in your community? Interested in leading a movement of like-minded peers? Want to explore the world of public health? Reach out to us and we'll get you the resources you need to become an MDJunior leader today.
Join Our Movement - MDJunior

Our youth are empowered with the knowledge, skills, and attitude to be leaders in their communities and in the field of healthcare.

Join Our Movement - MDJunior

Our youth leaders work at the cutting edge of public health problems facing local and global communities, learning the crux of key determinants of health

Join Our Movement - MDJunior

We don't wait for tomorrow. Our youth drive towards impact today, making a difference in ways most people wouldn't believe possible in their lifetimes.

Join Our Movement - MDJunior

Our approach empowers youth through a combination of learning and the classroom and volunteering in the community, the most powerful way to activate youth voice

Join Our Movement - MDJunior

We pair youth with medical professionals and community leaders to foster meaningful relationships that carry outside of the classroom and into impact-driven settings.

Join Our Movement - MDJunior

MDJunior youth come together as communities of driven, like-minded students all working towards a common mission and vision for the future.

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