Migrant farmworkers in South Georgia are predominantly low-income, non-English speaking and uninsured Hispanic male laborers who spend a bulk of their day working in the heat without a strong understanding of their underlying health conditions and proper nutrition / hydration practices.

On the ground, hundreds of farmworkers ranging all ages - from their teens to late 50s - stand in long lines under the blistering head, waiting to receive medical care. We saw clinical cases ranging from basic dehydration and high blood pressure, to one older male that had to be rushed to the hospital because of the severity of his diabetes.

MDJunior partnered with Emory University's PA program as well as the GA Dept of Public Health in implementing clinical care for over a thousand patients.

We were happy and proud to be able to provide our passionate high school students the unique opportunity to participate in a service-learning program normally reserved for PAs on their clinical rotation. Our youth gained a first-hand perspective at conditions that existed in their own state, while shadowing our MDJunior medical mentors to conduct clinical care.

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